Women in the Literary Landscape


  • Chapter 1: Women, Literary Pursuits, and the Book World- historical highlights across the centuries, by women’s history expert Doris Weatherford and Rosalind Reisner.

    • Excerpt TK: "Scribbling women," according to Hawthorne

    • Excerpt TK: Women's Magazines in the 19th century 

    • Excerpt TK: Professional Librarianship and Women

    • Excerpt TK: Women and the Growth of Children's Lit

  • Chapter 2: Bookselling Then and Now, featuring WNBA co-founder Madge Jenison’s 1926 article with reflections from contemporary bookseller, Joyce Meskis.

    • Excerpt TK: Madge Jennison on women as booksellers 

    • Excerpt TK: Response from Joyce Meskis

  • Chapter 4: Supporting Literature and Literacy: WNBA’s programming, including awards, UN affiliation, National Reading Group Month/Great Group Reads, etc.

  • Chapter 5: Chapter Histories, highlights and brief histories our chapters across the country.

  • Appendices, including list of WNBA Award winners, Pannell Award winners, list of national presidents, etc.

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