Women in the Literary Landscape:

A Centennial Publication of the Women's National Book Association

From colonial times, women have been at the forefront of significant developments in the literary community and the book world. Despite this important history, no single publication has provided an overview of women’s roles in writing, publishing, bookselling, and librarianship. With Women in the Literary Landscape, in honor of its Centennial, the WNBA breaks new ground with a narrative connecting women’s contributions in these fields with the relevant social history.

C&R Press; March 2018 (advance copies Oct. 2017)

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"A treasure trove of material here."  — Publishers Weekly

"Brilliantly written and researched."

— Blanche Wiesen Cook

"Fascinating and inspiriting." —Roxana Robinson

"Excellent" —Deirdre Bair


  • Chapter 1: Women, Literary Pursuits, and the Book World exploring the role of women's involvement in the literary community by women’s history expert Doris Weatherford and Rosalind Reisner.

  • Chapter 2: Bookselling Then and Now, featuring WNBA co-founder Madge Jenison’s 1926 article with reflections from contemporary bookseller, Joyce Meskis.

  • Chapter 3: From the Archives, by Nancy Rubin Stuart, exploring some of the more evocative details in our rich historical record.

  • Chapter 4: Supporting Literature and Literacy, highlighting WNBA’s programming, including our UN affiliation, the WNBA Award, Pannell Award, National Reading Group Month/Great Group Reads, and the Annual Writing Contest.

  • Chapter 5: Chapter Histories, a compilation of the organizations different chapters with highlights from their history

  • Appendices, including list of WNBA Award winners, Pannell Award winners, list of national presidents, and more.

The Women’s National Book Association is a national organization of women and men who work with and value books. A non-profit 501(c)3 organization, WNBA exists to promote reading and to support the role of women in the community of the book.

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